‏World Cats Day

cat : ‏If you are one of those who believe that cats will one day dominate the world,
you will definitely be one of those who celebrate their World Day
on August 8 every year to encourage people to recognize cats and save them from homelessness,
as well as celebrate unconditional love for their cats.
The world celebrated the first time in 2005, but the celebration was called in 2002
by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. While most of the world will celebrate it on Aug. 8,
most European countries will celebrate it on February 17 and Russia celebrated it on March 1,
according to the official website of World Cat Day.
The number of cats in the world is estimated at 500 million cats from 33 different races.
Cats are the most popular animals, both at home and at the internet level. Perhaps because of her character and peculiar behavior, what do you know about the strange nature of this charming object?
*‏Cats have a fingerprint just like humans but in their nose, which is not like two cats at all
*Cats can drink from the sea water to moisturize the body and thus the body filter the water and rid of salt.
*Cats have a third eyelid that is visible only when they are sick
*Cats sleep about 70% of their life , as they need to sleep 13 to 16 hours a day to charge their energy due to the large movement and activity at waking time.
* Scientists found that the cat’s brain resembled humans by about 90%.
* Studies have shown that hearing is the strongest feeling in cats. Their ears are not only able to distinguish sounds from distant places but also can move their ears at 180 degrees and can move each ear independently.

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