7 Mistakes to avoid when you put the morning makeup

Many girls are caught
in the trap of the
inconsistencies of
make-up and the
difference between
colors that fit the day
and evening vacations.

Some girls use the
popular colors in the
world of fashion and
the most famous of
them are nubity and
red, but there are some
mistakes you may
make when you put
makeup, Instastyle”of America.

1 – Avoid bold and poignant
dramatic sketches when
you put the day makeup,
so that your view is not
successful; it is more
suitable for the festive
atmosphere, and in
case you want to put,
you choose the quiet
and high graphics
with the experience
of many drawings
and determine what
suits the shape of the eye.

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2. One of the problems
most girls face is
to choose dark shades
of ischado, which,
of course, spoils the
day’s appearance.

Avoid the color of
the night, such as
black and dark brown,
and choose the earth
colors and light nudes
depending on the
color of your skin.


Lips :

3 – Most girls prefer
not to put eye makeup
and rely on lipstick,
this choice may be
true but be disastrous
when you choose dark
degrees, such as
the dark or red
that does not correspond
to the daytime look
at all, you should first
pay attention to your
lips and the use of lip
balm or recipes Such
as honey and brown
sugar for non-cracking,
with a choice of simple
day colors such as brown
or brown tones with
red lipstick to match
the color of your lips and skin.

4 – One of the most
common mistakes
that many girls fall,
choose degrees of
fondue or face powder
and is not suitable
for your skin, and
therefore you will
get a look is not
successful at all and
your appearance is
not normal, it is better
to choose the appropriate
degree of skin color
while taking care
of cleaning Your skin
from any impurities
or presence of blisters in the face.

5. The aesthetic touch
of the contour can
not be denied to
identify and deform
the face, but it is preferable
to place it in the
day only in a certain
range of the face
such as the nose
and the upper area
of ​​the lips.

Highlighter :

6 – avoid the situation
of the Highlighter in the
morning is not suitable
for the morning view,
and your choice
of powder cheeks
prefer to be suitable
colors for your skin
and take on the red
color that gives you
an abnormal appearance.

7 – When choosing
contact lenses, avoid
buying colors that
do not simple or fit the shape
and color of your
skin, you should
pay attention to
eye makeup well,
it was sound and
appropriate to your
face, you can be sure.

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