7 Simple steps to put your daily makeup

Every time you go
abroad, if you go
to work, university, etc.

it is not necessary
to put large amounts
of cosmetics that
increase skin problems
as you age, you just
need to put a natural
soft makeup to
highlight your beauty
in a nice and gentle way.

Here are the simple
and easy steps
to apply your daily makeup:

1 – first put the
moisturizing cream
on your face full,
and then a little cream
base provided that
it is similar to the
color of your skin
and then distributed
by your fingers.

2. Use a small brush
or a damp sponge
to put a little conceler
on the dark areas of your face.

3. If you want to enhance
the brightness of your
face and sprinkle a
little powder all over
your face.

4 – To highlight the
beauty of my eyes
choose a neutral
color thin of eye
shadow and put
on the bone of the
eyebrow with a
soft brush, but on
the center of the eyelid
mobile choose the
color of soft eye
shadow by your finger.

5. As for your homework,
just fill in the blanks
in it, and do not
forget to put the
mascara on your lashes.

6 – Then put a little
of the heliant on
the cheeks, and
bridge the nose
and curve the lip
to get a bright view.

7 – Identify your lips
by the selection of
color close to the
color of your lips
to give a natural
color, and then
lipstick of the same color.

So you have got a
bright look without
your skin being
affected by the many
powders that you would put.

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