8 Food for those who want to have children .. Take care of them!

The testosterone hormone
plays an important role
in promoting libido, fertility,
muscle mass, fat distribution
and red cell production.

Since many men dream
of gaining muscular muscles
after physical training
and maintaining high levels
of sexual desire and fertility,
these eight nutrients will
undoubtedly help to raise
the level of testosterone
in the body naturally,
without resorting to any drugs.

– Tuna:

This fish is rich in vitamin
D linked to prolongation of life
and production of the hormone
“Testosterone”, it is very useful
for heart health because
it contains complete proteins
and a few calories and can
be taken from canned and fresh.

Low fat milk:

Milk is an important source
of protein and calcium.

It is especially recommended
for women and children
who need to strengthen their bones.

It also helps to raise the level
of testosterone in the body.

Egg yolks are an excellent
source of vitamin D. Cholesterol
has a bad reputation,
but egg yolk contains more
nutrients than whiteness.

Egg yolk is also effective
when the testosterone level
is low in the body.

– Treated chips:

The seeds of the seeds
saturated with vitamin D
is a delicious and useful
breakfast because it contains
this vitamin, which raises
the level of “testosterone”
in the body.

Oyster is a very important
nutrient in adulthood,
where it helps maintain
a good level of male hormones
throughout the length of life,
so when the low level of
“testosterone” in the body
is recommended to eat foods
rich in zinc, and oysters ranked
first in this area.

– Cancer and cannabis:

a natural source of zinc,
may contain 150 grams
of them half of the daily
dose of zinc necessary for the body.

– Beef :

Of course eating large
amounts of this meat is
harmful to health,
but some parts of the beef
contains nutrients useful
for health, and these parts
is the liver, which is an
important source of vitamin D.

– Beans :

legumes of all kinds

useful to the body because
they contain many nutrients
and important for the body
All types of pulses contain
a good proportion of
vitamin D and zinc.

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