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She wanted is a foreign site that features everything new and exclusive news of foreign celebrities and Arabs it also includes topics , political and public news.

She wanted is known as the world’s trusted fashion and medical site and one of the firsts in the world by providing reliable information to the user.

She wanted has started providing specialized information on diseases, drugs, treatments and surgery, to complete its journey with articles and news related to various health and medical fields.

She wanted now has large sections such as Medicine, Health, Beauty, Pregnancy and Childbirth , inside beauty and fashion and what you care about.

In order to enjoy the happiness and well-being you must pass through She Wanted Site for health and wellness that’s it is difficult without to enjoy life and be able to work and production.

This site aims to improve the health of the community by maintaining the health and safety of the individual and the dissemination of health awareness among members of the community to educate students and health and nutrition of During the visit.

She Wanted includes many sections such as fashion, Trend ,Animals and finally Health in the study of public health through the topics in many articles and specialization in nutrition science and health problems associated with the pattern of nutrition and bad life.