Benefits of aesthetic and healthy jasmine oil!

Jasmine oil is an
essential oil that is
characterized by its
containment of
volatile particles,
which makes it
easy to absorb
through the pores
of the skin.

Jasmine oil is extracted
from the morning
jasmine flowers where
the concentration
of aroma is high and
then soaked with
solvent, so that the
oil begins to form
in droplets.

In a simple way, where
the jasmine flowers
are gathered together,
placed in olive oil,
exposed to the heat
of the sun for several
days, then the oil
is filtered from the
flowers, and to
increase the concentration,
other jasmine blossoms
are placed and repeat
the same process.

Jasmine oil for hair:

The jasmine oil maintains
the moisture of
the scalp and eliminates
any pills or blisters
because it has an
antiseptic effect,
strengthens the
hair and gives a
strong shine on
the hair follicle, It
also prevents the
formation of crust,
and reduces hair loss.

Benefits of jasmine oil for skin:

1 – makes the skin
more smooth and
fresh, especially if
it is mixed with olevera
and put on the skin,
or was placed a
few drops of it in
the water of bathing.

Works to rid the
skin of wrinkles
and nourishment.

2 – Unites skin color
and removes scars
and dark spots.

3- Treat wounds, scratches,
rashes and redness.

4 – Calms the sunburns
and reduces their severity.

5 – strengthens the
immunity of the skin
and reduces its impact
on various external factors.

6 – Cleans the skin
from bacteria and
bacteria and protect
them from infection.

7- Jasmine oil works
to remove odors from
the skin, such as
sweat smells, because
of its aromatic smell
that eliminates those
unpleasant smells.

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