For a smart wife .. ways to help you deal with your husband!

The marital relationship
can go through difficult
stages such as boredom,
daily routines, and
problems between
the spouses.

All these things can
affect the love between
the couple, but the
smart woman can
control these negative
things and make her
husband love her
and love to sit with her.



1 – love husband praise,
so smart wife always
keen to speak sweet
words to her husband
and tell him how proud
of the relationship
between them,
and that the closest
people to them, and
men deal with those
words responsibility
for the responsibility
of responsibility in
some cases, These
words succeed must
be sincere and at
appropriate times
so that the man feels
the extent of sincerity.

2. Because of the
nature of the work
and stress experienced
by the vast majority
of men, they go home
most in need of rest,
and although many
of them appreciated
the effort of the wife
in the management
of the home or work,
but they can not accept
dealing with problems
all the time at home ,
Which leads them
to go out for a longer
time automatically.

Here, a woman must
treat her husband
by preparing the house
for rest before arrival
and to be calm and
good words, and
preferably to welcome
her husband to her
husband, welcoming
not to disturb him
for long periods only
after getting some rest.

3 – In the times that
the couple should
be informed of the
husband important
things that revolve
at home and have to
do with the wife and
children, because the
man likes to feel
responsibility and
that the manager
of the helm at home,
and in the case of
sharing the husband
news of his work with
the wife must be careful
to be Positive in listening,
advice and discussion
without attempts
to impose my opinion
or not to notice boredom
and lack of interest.

Respecting :


4 – Respect for the
husband compels him
to respect and appreciate
his wife at home and
abroad, especially in
front of guests from
family and friends,
as the husband will
begin to search for
what pleased his
wife in any way and
commend them in
front of his family
and her parents and
only remember the good.

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