Honorary Diploma of Dog and University Reveals Reason … Is It Worth It?

Firstly In an interesting incident,
the University of Clarkson
in New York

gave a certificate
of “honorary diploma”
to a dog in recognition
of what it has done

over the past years.

But According to

the university’s
Web site,

the video, Griffin,
received his testimony
amid waves of laughter
and applause from the
audience in a story that
impressed public opinion
after revealing details.

Moreover The 25-year-old Golden
Retriever was awarded
an honorary diploma by
the university

after attending
the university

for two and
a half years with his friend,
Britney, who received
her degree in occupational
therapy and because

she could not walk.

In addition Griffin was her personal
assistant in all her affairs.

So Griffin helped Britney

to open doors,
enter lecture halls and
other places,

in addition pick up things
and overcome

many obstacles.

So She also attended

all the classes
with her, so the university
was honored to honor him
and gave him the

honorary diploma.

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