Horrible nightmare .. Sky raining spiders in Brazil!

High temperatures and
high humidity in the
southern regions
of Brazil seem to
have brought a
horrifying guest to
the people of those areas.

A camera of a citizen
in a rural area near
the southern state
of Minas Gerais
recorded shots
of thousands of spiders
appearing to
fall from the sky.

It appears as if the
sky is raining spiders,
but it is about thousands
of spiders who
have joined one huge
network to catch
their prey.

These spiders, belonging
to the Baraquxia Pestriata
family, are famous
for weaving their
filaments high to
capture prey from
flying insects and
small birds.

Spiders spun yarns
precisely, making
it very difficult to see
them with the naked
eye, as if they
were stuck in the sky.

Local resident Joao
Pedro Martinielli
Fonseca said he
was on his way
to his ancestral farm
in Espirito Santo
do Dorado, 250 km
northeast of Sao
Paulo when he
realized the sky was
covered with black dots.

“At the same time,
there was an amazing
feeling, especially
when one of the
spiders fell into the
car when the window
was open,” he told
a local newspaper.

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