How do you know that your car tire is damaged?

German car expert
Christian Koch said:

“Tires are of great
importance to the
safety of the vehicle
while driving.

If there is any tire
damage or air pressure
is not correct, this
will adversely affect
vehicle acceleration,
braking and bypassing.

Koch explained that
tire damage can often
be seen through
a sudden change
in the sound of the
wheel’s rotation,
or with significant
vibrations in the car
and steering wheel.

The German expert,
according to the
German news agency
“DPA”, that the leader
of the car usually
noticed the damage
late, after the fact
already, and here
shows the importance
of tire pressure
monitoring systems
in terms of traffic safety.

However, these systems
do not always exempt
from regular examination
of tires and air
pressure in specialized
centers; because with
strange objects in
the frame, such as nails;
these bodies may
disappear inside the
frame and close
the leakage;
but with the resulting
large centrifugal
forces For high
speeds this UFO
may be released,
causing sudden tire
pressure loss, which
threatens the safety
and security of driving.

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