How to reduce my weight in the winter?

Winter is a difficult
season to start
with a healthy,
low-calorie diet,
because of its long
night on the one
hand, high intensity
on the other, and
frequent sitting
at home on the third.

These three factors
encourage the intake
of more fatty foods,
sweets and hot drinks
that lead to Storage
of fat in the abdomen
and buttocks in the
body of the woman,
abdomen and chest
in the body of the man.

In this article we
will mention the
most important ways
to lose weight in the winter :

1 – The human body
needs fat, to burn
energy and give the
body warmth, and
to help him to do
the necessary biological
processes, so you
should focus on foods
that provide the
body natural fats,
such as almonds,
olives, salmon, walnuts,
and these foods do
not cause any
increase in weight .

But it helps in the
process of weight
loss, and also improves
the mood of the human.

2. If you want to
eat something sweet,
do not eat sweets
that are full of
calories, but eat the
fruits that are available
at that time of the
year, and you can
indulge yourself in
eating healthy foods.

which provides you
with the necessary
sugars for the body,
by eating sweet potatoes
Grilled, with a little
olive oil and fresh herbs,
or you can take the
pumpkin in any
shape you want.

In winter, the day
is short, and the
weather is very cold,
so the need to sleep
is more, and this is good,
because you will
retain energy in
your body, but you
should not eat fatty
food before going
to sleep four hours,
and what many
people do not know
The body continues
to burn calories until
bedtime, because
vital functions in the
body need energy
to function normally.

4 – take care to eat
grilled, chicken and
meat, winter is a good
opportunity for
barbecues fun, in addition
to its health benefits
because it contains
less calories and fat,
and it eliminates the
use of margarine and butter.

5 – Drink plenty of
natural juices free
of industrial flavors,


Such as :


grapefruit juice,
pear juice, kiwi juice,
lemon juice, and
juice Kalmntina.

6 – Eat hearty vegetables
such as celery,
broccoli, cauliflower,
cabbage, it gives the
body warmer in the winter.

7 – Be careful to eat
breakfast of peanut
butter, or oats with
almonds, knowing
that they contain a
good proportion of
carbohydrates that
raise the proportion
of serotonin in the
body, increasing the
feeling of happiness
and reduce the
feeling of depression.

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