Including regular exercise, Ashton Wood reveals the secrets of her beauty

Australian fashion model
Ashton Wood revealed
the secrets of health,
beauty and diet to keep
her fit and glow
throughout the year.

The 24-year-old Ashton,
who lives in the city
of Gold Coast,
explained what she was
eating all day, her
daily skin care routine,
and what she always
avoided for perfect
skin, said dailymail.

Ashton said that despite
her love for pizza,
pasta and Italian meals,
she only takes them
in a few days, because
she basically loves
healthy food and feels better.

Ashton explained that
her breakfast often
contains a smoothie
with avocado and healthy
toast, and tuna salad
at lunch, while dinner
usually consists of salmon,
salads and zucchini.

She admitted that she
was trying to keep
away from sugars,
especially chocolate,
because she found milk
chocolate to be the
main cause of her skin
with blisters and pills.

As for her skin-care
approach, wood revealed
that she was careful
to wash her face twice
a day and put the
humidifier in addition
to peeling her skin
three times a week.

She is also very interested
in regular exercise,
and most importantly
for her resistance training.

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