Karl Lagerfeld has a funeral “mauled” .. and a strange request after burning his body!

On Friday, a ceremony
was held to burn the
body of the creative
director of the
prestigious Chanel
label “Karl Lagerfeld”
in the suburb of
“Nanterre” in western
Paris, died on Tuesday
at the age of 85
years because of
pancreatic cancer.

The chanel official
spokeswoman said
that Karl’s will was
not respected for
the funeral and
consolation, so his
body was cremated
on a small scale, attended
by those close to him.

According to Chanel’s
original will, he was
asked to burn his
body and scatter the
ashes of his mother
and his lover, who
died in 1989.

He had already planned
the formalities of
dealing with Chanel
stores around the
world with the news
of his death.

And replaced with
a bouquet of white
roses with a length
of leg up to 120 cm,
placed inside transparent vases.

Not only that, but
he wrote the responses
that shopkeepers
would say when shoppers
comfort them, without
increasing or decreasing.

As Lagerfeld took
care of the details
even after his death,
his body was burned
like a display of
Chanel fashion shows,
attended by world-class
fashion and fashion
directors, as director
of the American
magazine Vogue,
Anna Wintour, directors
of the previous and
current French Vogue
magazine, The royal
family of Monaco,
as the princess of
Hannover “Caroline”.

The body of Lagerfeld
was placed in a luxurious
black coffin with no details.

He arrived in a
Mercedes transport
car, and it was not
known if his cat was
“chopt” at the funeral,
although he may inherit
the wealth of up
to $ 200 million!

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