Kate Middleton misses “Baby Shower” Meghan Markle .. Dirty Dukes ?!

Among the high-profile
members of the Pepe
Shore community,
Duchess Sussex
Megan Markle, such
as Amal Clooney,
Serena Williams and
Gail King, the absence
of her predecessor,
Duke of Cambridge,
Kate Middleton, who
did not attend Megan’s
reception, was noted.

There are many
reasons why Kate
was not allowed to
be with Megan at
the Baby Shore
ceremony, the most
important being that
she had a secret
family trip through
which she practiced
skiing, taking advantage
of the mid-year vacation
of her two sons
George and Charlotte.

Prince George attended
the Thomas’s Battersea
School in southwest
London and Princess
Charlotte attended the
Willcocks Nursery
School near her home
in Kensington Palace.

The entire family of
Kate, her husband
Prince William and
her three children
George, Charlotte
and Lewis, were on
the family trip.

One of the possible
reasons Kate may
have been prevented
from attending the
Peugeot Shore concert,
her predecessor,
Megan, is the location
of the reception that
was on another
continent, in North

Kate’s London residence
on the European
continent is not a
transatlantic journey.

The family of the
Cambridgeers had
traveled on a ski
trip three years ago,
when they went to
the picturesque hills
of Courchevel in
France, accompanied
by their children
George and Charlotte,
Prince Louis was
born in April last year.

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