Meghan Markle is holding a “Baby Shower” secret concert. The paparazzi are taking pictures of her and she’s hidden!

Former American
actress Meghan Markle
is still daring to break
the protocols and
royal rules and follow
US traditions when
it comes to her first child.

Ducha Sussex performed
a secret trip to New
York City on Monday
night to attend the
Baby Shower ceremony
held by her close
friends before the
birth of her first child,
Prince Harry, scheduled
for spring this year,
although it is a
violation of the Royal Protocols.

According to the
Daily Mail, the concert
was organized by
her close friend
Jessica Mulroney, who
arrived in the city
last weekend from
her home in Toronto,
where 15 of her close
friends, including
tennis player Serena
Williams, And the
Bollywood star
Priyanka Chopra.

She was wearing
a gray hat, her hair
dropped on both
sides of her face to
show off her features,
and she chose a
long black coat signed
by British fashion
designer Victoria Beckham.

According to the royal
expert, Victoria Arbeiter,
the establishment
of the Baby Shower
ceremony is not
recognized by members
of the royal family.

Although the royal
family has a wealth
of wealth, a lavish
ceremony for a child
is inappropriate; And
buy it themselves.

But there are reports
that Bipa Middleton
has given her sister,
Duke of Cambridge,
Kate Middleton, a
concert before the
birth of her eldest
son, Prince George,
in 2013, but royal
experts do not believe
such an act occurred.

Meghan Markle and
Harry plan to send
their son to the ACS
Egham International
School near their new
home in Windsor,
UK, to make sure her
child is aware of his
American heritage.

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