Miley Cyrus reveals why she married Liam Hemsworth and says “I’m not a polite lady”!

The American star
“Miley Cyrus” appeared
on the cover of
Vanity Fair in her
March issue.

She talked about
her new musical work,
her marriage to
Australian star Liam
Hemsworth, and her
loss of her home in Malibu.

Miley Cyrus explained
that her main reason
for marrying Liam
Hemsworth was the
huge fire that broke
out in their home,
which increased their

“When you test
what we’ve had
with someone, it’s
like glue.

The world can understand
the situation. “

She said her marriage
did not change anything
at all, saying the fire
had a greater impact
on their relationship
than their marriage
itself, adding that
they wore the rings
as evidence of the
eternity of their
relationship, although
she did not need to
do so and reverse
her personality.

She explained that
their marriage is not
as familiar as the old
fashioned, but a new
era, she urged everyone
to fall in love with
each other regardless
of sex, form, or
something else, it
is a spiritual stage
of the person is far from sex.

“I wore a dress on
my wedding day
because I felt it, and
touched my hair
because I felt it,”

she said, expressing
her pride as a member
of the LGBT community
and believing that sex
and sexual identity
were completely
separate from the relationship.

On the cover of
the magazine, Miley
shone with a look
of elegance and
excitement, wearing
a long, feathery blue
dress from the French
fashion house “Gucci”,
along with many other views.

Miley Cyrus married
Liam Hemsworth in
December after a
10-year relationship
at a wedding party
for family and friends.

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