Naked and singing about the right man .. So Courtney and Kim responded to the betrayal of Gordon Woods!

You and the families
of the Kardashian-Jenner
family, those who
go beyond the borders
with them are punished.

Jordon Woods,
a close friend of
real-life television
star Kylie Jenner,
dared to make love
to basketball player
Tristan Thompson,
the sweetheart of
Kloi Kardashian, who
had a relationship for
almost a month before
the latter discovered them.

Kim Kardashian was
unable to see what
was happening
without moving a finger.

She sent a stern
message to Jordan
via a video posted
on her website on
the Instagram website
with Malika Haq,
the close friend of
Khloe, The two sing
the song “Do not Mess
With My Man,” in one
of her words: “Here’s
a little advice, go and
look for your man.”

As for Courtney
Cardashian, she
published a sexy
picture showing her
naked while her hands
covered her bare chest.

She wore a diamond
necklace in the form
of a snake that turned
around her neck
and attached it with
a comment:

“Diamonds are the
girl’s best friend.”

As for Kylie Jenner,
her friend left her
home a few hours
after the scandal of
treason, and the
latter headed home
to her mother.

A close source told
People magazine
that it was difficult
for Woods and that
she was torn by
what happened,
so she left her mother’s
home to let them
In her ordeal.

Tristan Thompson was
caught in a warm
welcome on Sunday
at his home party.

The Kardashian family
is currently experiencing
difficult times because
of this incident.

Kim Kardashian has
canceled her follow-up
to the traitors, Tristan and Jordan.

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