Paris Hilton destroys her birthday cake with her shoes .. Kim Kardashian is not invited to the ceremony!

PARIS – Hilton Paris
Hilton celebrated
her 38th birthday
in Manhattan on
Saturday night.

Of course, the heiress
of luxury Hilton hotels
wanted to be the
center of attention.

So I decided to go
up to the table and
dance to the music
of the heart-shaped
pink cake, but eventually
decided to destroy
it with her high-heeled
silver shoes; perhaps
as a letter to her
former fiancé Actor
Chris Zilka.

The blonde chose
to wear a shimmering
silver dress that
showed the curves
of her slim body,
and the two side
vents at the waist
increased the excitement
and increased her
height by wearing
a high-heeled shoe
signed by fashion
designer Mason
Margella for £ 1223.

She finished with
a pinkish, pinkish-red
eyeshadow and
wore a platinum-blond wig.

The audience included
Maria Olympia, the
princess of Greece
and Denmark, and
there was no star
of the reality TV
“Kim Kardashian”!

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