Princess Beatrice chants in response to chrissy teigen .. The latter is “shocked”!

In a unique exchange
of tweets that occurred
on Thursday, Twitter’s
“princess” Twitter did
not expect actress
chrissy teigen to get
a royal response from
Princess Beatrice.

As usual, Chrissie
Teggen chants everything
she thinks of, and
yesterday she wrote
through her Twitter
account that she liked
the name “B”.

Princess Beatriz’s
nickname was Bea.

She said, “I have a
wonderful name.

I ask one of you
to name his daughter,
I’m not ready for another
daughter, and John
refuses to adopt a
new dog, and I’ll
be her baptism. “

“I will love to be
your daughter by
baptism,” she said.

“I will love to be your
daughter by baptism.”

Tegan was shocked
by the unexpected
response of the Princess,
who only wrote these
words in response
to “Oh my God ..
my God .. my God”
from the intensity
of the shock, and even
shocked her followers
with her, the individual
Princess enter them
in a positive surprise,
as one of them said:

“Look who went
back to Twitter,”

another said, “Can you
mention a more iconic
duo than that?”

And a third commented:
“Twitter Princess
and Princess Royal

This is the best
interaction I have ever
seen on Twitter.

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