Princess Fauzia daughter of the last kings of Egypt celebrates her wedding on her French fiancé .. Photos!

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Princess Fauzia,
the daughter of King
Ahmed II of Egypt,
celebrated her wedding
to Frenchman
Sylvain Honoudou.

The wedding was
held at the home
of King Ahmed
II in Geneva, in the
presence of a number
of friends and friends.

The wedding was
characterized by
its simplicity, as it was
limited to a number
of confidants, which
was evident in the
pictures that were
circulated from the wedding.

Princess Fauzia
was born in France
in 1982 and is the
granddaughter of
King Farouq I, the last
king of Egypt, who
had abdicated his
throne with his son
Ahmed Fouad II, but
he did not sit on the
throne because he
was in childhood and
a guardianship was formed.

Prince Fauzia, brother
of Prince Mohamed,
was born in Cairo in 1979.

Prince Fakher Al Dein
was born in Morocco
in 1987.

Her mother is Dominique
Franck Picard, who
called herself “virtue”
after marrying King
Ahmed Fouad II.

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