Problems Between William And His Brother .. The Royal Palace Announces The Residence Of Harry And Meghan New!

The royal palace announced today that the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,

have changed their residence from Nottingham’s hut at Kensington Palace to the Frammore cottage in Windsor Castle, the same place they married at.

The changes will be at the beginning of next year as they prepare to receive their first baby

in the spring of 2019. They will need more space than their current apartment at Kensington Palace,

which has only two bedrooms. The Frogmoor Cottage has 10 bedrooms and a nursery,

A gift from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Harry and Megan Marshall.

The Froghmor Cottage is currently uninhabited and is under construction and renovation to be ready for Prince Harry and his small family. Dukas Sussex has housed the Nottingham Cottage at the Kingsington Palace since their engagement last year, with £ 1.4m, While the cost of renovating the Frogmore cottage will amount to several millions.

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