Rare condition Let a Chinese girl can not hear the voice of men!

Doctors at Chianbu
Hospital in Hong Kong
have been surprised
by the rare condition
of a woman who is
unable to hear men.

The Chinese daily
“Chen” woke up to
find that she could
not hear the sound
of her lover, and went
immediately from
the city of Xiamen
on the east coast
of China, directly
to the hospital,
“Qianbo,” where
doctors tried to
discover strange
symptoms that were
contrary to forms
The most common
for hearing loss.

According to local
reports, doctors have
diagnosed a patient
with a type of hearing
loss, making her unable
to hear the voices
of men called “reverse
hearing loss ramp”,
where she heard
only high frequencies.

Doctors said tension
was likely to have
contributed to the situation.

She was suffering
from nausea and
tinnitus in her ears
the night before her
ordeal, but she was
able to hear every
word of a female throat.

Doctors believe that
this condition does
not affect to only
one of about 13 thousand
patients, who have
hearing problems,
according to figures.

Chen said she believed
that a good night’s
sleep would solve
the problem, but the
next morning, she was
shocked when she
found that she was
unable to hear her
partner’s talk and
rushed to the hospital
where she was seen
by an ENT specialist.

The patient revealed
that she was working
late in recent times,
putting her body under
a lot of tension, stress
and lack of sleep.

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