How To Take Care Of Your Skin

Skin care 

The skin is exposed to many conditions throughout the day, such as sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation, exposure to dust, air pollution, burning chemicals, and other surrounding conditions that can cause damage to the skin over time or premature signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Evening before bedtime is the best period of skin care; as the skin fixes itself during sleep, and with the constant care at night become healthier, and glow, and youth in addition to gradually fade defects.

Steps of skin care

1 – Remove Make-up: This is one of the most important steps for skin care at night; when the skin is covered with a layer of makeup such as lipstick, mascara , foundation, and eye shadows, the pores immediately intersect, resulting in uneven skin color or spots or Acne, and many ways to remove makeup for  skin, such as using makeup remover,  face lotion or cream to remove make-up.

2- Cleaning the skin : In this step the face is washed with a suitable lotion for the skin type, then massage your face for several seconds, then wash the skin with warm water.

3- Toner : toner is an important step; it helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin, as well as improve the texture of the skin.

4- Skin peeling: Peeling works to remove dead skin , and it is recommended to peel the skin at least twice a week, using light peeling products on the skin, or can be prepared natural peeled at home, such as milk and bran

5- skin moisturizing : skin moisturizing  is usually good to the skin benefit, as it helps to remove the dead skin , nourish the skin and renew , make it more youthful, and prefer to choose the type of moisturizing cream or lotion suitable for the skin type

6- Under eyes lotion :Under eyes is the first areas of the face that appears the signs of aging, you need so much efforts to take care of this area ,  Anti-aging creams are helping to moisturize the area, and reduce swelling, alleviate the dark circles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles , And choose a light eye cream containing ingredients such as caffeine, peptides, antioxidants, bleaching substances, and the cream is developed by gentle massage from the angle of the eye to the inner corner.

7- Lip moisturizing: One of the most delicate areas of the skin is lips, especially at night because night care is a must , to avoid cracking and appearance faded, and this is done by applying lip balm daily on the lips, as well as peeling once a week using oils to moisturize it more and keep it glowing.

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