Strange Facts About Dreams Will Surprise You

In our dreams, we have many different things, but when we wake up we remember a little or forget it, but we try hard to remember the dream .


You Can’t Read At Dreams

You can’t only read during your dream, but you can not know the time either, during the dream you can not set the time you look at , the hour in the dream is different each time.


Inspired Invention By Dreams

Many inventions we use today invented by a dream, such as Google and the periodic table, and even the sewing machine, these inventors wrote their dreams once they woke up, and there are also artists and writers dreaming of idea about painting or book.


You Can Dream About Future

Some people may dream about their future, for example, Abraham Lincoln’s dream that he was assassinated and actually happened, and Mark Twain dreamed of the death of his brother who passed away days later, and some people dreamed of the Titanic tragedy before it happened, perhaps if people knew that these things would happen Try to warn of things that are about to happen.


Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that the source talks about as real, it happens when you’re afraid of ghosts or any danger around you when you’re asleep , so you feel awake and try to move even though you are asleep.

Sleep Disorder Can Hurt You Or Someone Else

The period of sleep disturbance and screaming is a dangerous period in rare cases, as it may cause some fractures in the bones or furniture, and even this disorder may cause a fire at home according to previous statistics.

Walking During Sleep

Some people walk through their sleep and they often go to kitchen to get food, but some people actually hurt themselves during their walk. Some reports say a man drove the car 22 miles and killed his cousin while walking asleep. Twenty-two people killed themselves while sleeping by jumping from windows.

You only remember 10% of your dreams

You can not remember 90% of your dreams , you have about 5 minutes when you wake up to write what you can remember from the dream.

Blinds can also dream

The blind can not really see anything, but he can dream.

Infants do not see the stars in their dreams

Babies can only see the stars in dreams after their fourth age .

You only dream of people you met at your life

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