Benefits and damage of pickles to the body

Pickled vegetables, such as cucumbers, olives, turnip onions, eggplant, carrots, in a glass jar, close them well, then leave them for a while until the good bacteria grow on them. There are many types of vegetables that are used in making pickles, And the most important characteristic of the taste...

9 Foods that give your body a good smell

Many people suffer from the smell of sweating, which causes them great embarrassment when engaging in social activities. The body odor is caused by several factors, including: hormonal changes, excessive sweating and unhealthy foods, as well as genetic factors and hygiene. While some factors are difficult to control, this can...

The Benefits Of Soup

The soup is one of the side dishes that are served on the trip because of its taste and distinctive, and high nutritional value, as it has many benefits to the body, a dish that is cooked with kinds of vegetables useful, with the possibility of adding flavorings, and the...

Symptoms Appear In The Human Body Due To Lack Of Calcium!

Calcium is an important and essential vitamin for the human body to build healthy teeth and bones and is also very important for heart and muscle health. The lack of calcium in the human body causes several problems in the human body including: - Osteoporosis, lack of blood calcium and...

Benefits Of Fennel For Colon

The fennel has many health benefits for the body and is used in different parts of the world, and fennel has been used in the fields of cooking and medicine. The colon is one of the main parts of the body, which requires the person to keep it healthy and...

When Does Garlic Cause Damage To The Body?

The results of a study conducted by the American Professor Robert Beck at the end of the last century showed that garlic negatively affects brain cells and reduces the third person's reaction because it contains a hydroxyl ion, whose effect in mammalian brain cells can be considered toxic.   For...

Not Wanting To Drink Water Tells You Problems In Your Body!

 Despite the scientists' continuing recommendations to drink water continuously throughout the day, some people do not really want to drink water and may spend their day without drinking one cup of pure water. The importance of drinking water: The human body continuously needs to be supplied with water as it...

How Does Edris Alba Keep Fit?

 A few days ago, People magazine selected American actor Idris Alba as the most attractive man of the world in 2018. The brown British actor has a perfect sports body, resulting from regular exercise and a healthy diet. The secret behind the ideal body of «Idris Alba» Alba revealed during...
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