Weirdest Facts About Birds

– About 1000 birds die every year from collisions at windows. 70% of young birds die during seasonal migrations. And 1000 kinds out of ten thousand kinds of birds in the world on the list of endangered .

– The penguin can swim but it can not fly, and it can  jump two meters . The hijacker swims in the air and the corpse can not fall on the branches.

– when the bird is too small , the number of its heart beats reaches 1260 beats per minute such as hummingbird , which weighs 1.7 grams. The heartbeat of the tired eagle reaches 300 beats per minute.

– South America consider seabirds’s feces as a grey gold on the rocks because of its economic value in the global market. The feces produced by a single hen during their lifetime provide electrical energy that lights 100 watts  for five hours.

– Birds’ vision is eight times strength of human eyes. The bird has two pupils , one allows it to look forward while the other is down while flying. The eye of the bird is characterized by seeing  colors such as humans and monkeys. but the owl can see the blue clearly.

– Woodpecker can hit his beak  20 beats per second. It can  pierces the wood, especially the weary and rotting, which contains the worms and larvae that  heard dipping through trunks , eating them, and alleviating the weariness of the forest with time.

– The ostrich bury her head in the sand to protect herself from predators. In this situation, the shape becomes a shrub that is not noticed by the predatory animal. The ostrich egg yolk is the largest in the world . An ostrich egg is enough for a morning meal for six people. and  the size of her eye is bigger than her brain

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