The Weirdest Models In The World

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Here’s are the top weirdest models in the world , with strange cases

Madeline Stuart

The Australian born model has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her ,

she hopes to inspire people and let them know that being diagnosed

with Down syndrome is a blessing , not a hindrance.

Winnie Harlow

The beautiful 22 year old embrace her vitiligo that she diagnosed with at age 4

, because of her appearance, Harlow , teased when she was younger ,

and she tried to suicide

Kanya Sesser

Sesser born without legs , she was eventually adopted at age 5 ,

when she was 15 she started modeling , the now 23 year old

has modeling for brands such as Volcom , RIP Curl Girl and Nike.



Nastya Zhidkova

The most beautiful albino in the world suffers from albinism ,

she’s not only a model , she’s also loves to sing and share her videos on YouTube

Erika Linder

Linder is a Swedish model and actress She is known as an androgynous model

for modeling both male and female clothing.

Jillian Mercado

Is an American fashion model represent by IMG Models.

As a wheelchair user (due to muscular dystrophy)

Tess Holliday

is an American plus-size model based in Los Angeles.

Holliday has alleged verbal abuse about her size by her father,

but has said that she supported and encouraged by her mother to become a model.

Sarah McDaniel

Is an American model and actress McDaniel’s Heterochromia iridum

appeared a few weeks after she was born, with her right eye brown and her left eye blue.

Khoudia Diop

is a Senegalese fashion model and actress.

Diop  teased as a child because of her dark skin tone, but after moving to Paris,

France at age 15, she repeatedly approached with the suggestion that she become a model.

She nicknamed herself the “Melanin Goddess” to express pride in her appearance.

Melanie Gaydos

the model with a rare genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia,
which has prevented her teeth, pores, nuails, cartilage and bones from developing.
Gaydos also has alopecia, and is partially blind after her the growth of her eyelashes scratch her eyes.


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