What health concerns should you keep away from in 2019?

There is also the
world of fashion and
make-up, also showing
new and private shouts
in the world of health
and fitness, which
may be a new
appearance, or producer
is causing a fuss
about its strong effect
in weight loss,
and other things.

In fact, there are
some things, which
I have always known
to be “healthy” but
on the contrary.

Here are the tips
from Reader’s Digest,
some of the healthiest
things you should
keep away from in 2019:


Eat activated charcoal

Since that time,
activated charcoal
has produced a sensation,
and many women
have used it as a
tooth whitener, a mask
to get rid of blackheads
and others, and although
it has proven effective
in many uses, there
is one use you should
completely avoid.

Coal can cause
constipation or diarrhea,
and it will absorb other
substances in the
intestine, both good
and bad, as well as
impede your body’s
absorption of drugs.

Add coconut oil
regularly for all your food

Adding coconut oil
to the beverage and
foods helps to balance
bowel bacteria, promotes
immunity, and helps
in weight loss.

But adding too much
leads to the addition
of lots of calories.

125 calories and 14
grams of fat, so use it a little.

Do not eat food overnight

While a light meal
in the middle of the
night can be a good
health, especially
when choosing fast
food, you may benefit
from a healthy snack
before bedtime, which
will help you sleep better,
because your stomach
is full, Control blood
sugar levels better,
and has been strengthened
in the formation of
muscle protein.

Use apple vinegar to lose weight

Apple cider vinegar
is popular, as a miraculous
treatment for weight
loss, or as a way to
get rid of toxins, but
this is something that
is not scientifically proven.

There can be
nutritional benefits
to add a little vinegar
to the salad, but
avoid too much of it,
because it may harm
the health of your teeth

Tea Slimming

While rumors spread
through the use of
slimming tea or herbal
drinks to help lose weight,
experts advise you
to avoid those beverages
and rely on green tea,
because the types
of drinks are scientifically
proven and unsafe.

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