What You Don’t Know About Elephants

1. Intelligence :

The elephant’s brain weighs about 5 kilograms larger than the weight of any wild animal. Elephants are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Elephants contain more complex folds than other animals except whales, which are believed to be the most important factor in their intelligence.

Elephants show some expressions such as sadness, fun, empathy, cooperation, awareness, the possibility of using tools, and excellent ability to learn . The elephant surprised the guards at the zoo in Korea that he could imitate guards’ orders  by interacting above his hose, and he could learn 8 words and elephants respect their dead and have special rituals at burial.


2- Feet :

Each foot of the elephant contains five fingers, but not each have fingernail. This is an easy way to distinguish African elephants by counting fingernails.

The front foot of both African Forest Elephant and Asian Elephant contains 5 fingernails and 4 fingernails on the hind foot, while the front African bush elephant has four fingernails, sometimes five fingernails, and the back foot contains three fingernails.

X-ray detection on the foot of the elephant shows that the foot bones are based on the tip of the toe, and their feet are flat because of a large cushion of cartilage located under each heel that works to absorb the hits and help them walk quietly.

The elephant legs are straight and can support the weight of the elephant so that the elephant can sleep standing, and elephants spend most of their lives walking huge distances, so their feet adapt to fit life.


3- Trunk :

Elephant’s trunk is a specialized nose that is similar to the echoptus sensors in terms of its ingenuity, and the trunk gives them a high degree of manipulation of objects. Elephants are skilled at using tools.

Elephants are taught drawing through their skilled trunks with a wonderful works of art. Elephants can simply open  closed locks and some skilled elephants can open more complex locks, which is impossible for other animals because of their lack skill and intelligent .

Elephants in the zoo work together . Some elephants remain watching the closed locks until they have the opportunity to open them, or an elephant claims to be infected as a distraction while the other elephant smuggles the rest of the elephants.


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