The Youngest Three Murderers In The World !

Eric smith ( 12 years old ) :

Eric Smith had been diagnosed by a defense psychiatrist with intermittent explosive disorder,



Jordan Brown ( 11 years old ) :

in the early morning, brown shot his father’s wife who was eight months pregnant,

in the back of her head while she was sleeping in her bed

because he thought that she is the reason for the breaking up of his parents,

Both she and her unborn son died as a result of the attack.


Natsumi tsuji ( 11 years old ) :

she lured her close friend to the back yard of the school for playing hide and seek , she stabbed her in her neck and she let her bleeding to death.
these three kids had been in the jail for a very long time because of their ugly crime
they used to be aggressive and tough because of the life they lived at their childhood.
killing is a hope in their opinion , like swimming and walking for the other people
they are having fun admitting a crimes .

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